Spescare provides a comprehensive range of specialist rehabilitation services to patients from throughout South Africa who, as a result of an accident, illness or injury have acquired a physical or cognitive disability and who require specialist medical rehabilitation.
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Sub-Acute Care Programs

Sub-acute Care

Our Sub-Acute Care focusses on getting your physical and functional independence back after an acute illness, injury or medical condition by offering very specific rehabilitation programmes.

These programmes are completely tailored to your unique condition and may be short- or long-term programmes, focussing on physical rehabilitation or compassionate care. Whatever your needs, our goal is to get you back to good health and enjoying your daily routine, independently.

This may entail including your family in the rehabilitation processes to ensure a smooth transition out of our care.

Our Sub-Acute Care includes a comprehensive rehabilitation programme (physical, occupational and speech therapies), Pulmonary and respiratory care, Post-surgical care and advanced surgical recovery, IV antibiotic therapy, Pain management, Cardiac care and Dialysis.

Advanced Wound Care

Designed for patients who are discharged from acute hospitals with wounds or ulcers that have not completely healed or with new ostomies.

Intravenous Infusion Support

The administration of medications or nutrients directly into the body through a blood vessel, under the skin, or into a muscle.

Oncology Management

Doctor-supervised program for patients who have undergone treatment for cancer and designed to help patients return to activities of daily living.

Pulmonary Management

Our pulmonary management program is a doctor-supervised program for people with chronic lung diseases. Also often used before & after lung surgery.

Surgical Recovery

Our surgical recovery program is a supervised outcome based program focused on improving a patient’s recovery after surgery.